Welcome to practice management in the 21st century! Thanks to Cloud 9 Software, the paradigm office management software has been shifted forever. No longer do practices have to be held hostage to legacy systems that require expensive servers, ridiculous IT contracts and unreliable connections to satellite or multi-site locations. With over 1,500 locations connected via the cloud, you can trust us to free your practice from the age-old blockades of managing hardware instead of your practice.

Now you can experience the union of creativity, ingenuity and experience with a modern UI to improve the performance and workflow of your team. Cloud 9 delivers unhinged 365/24/7 access to your data, from anywhere, any device and at anytime. Isn’t it time 1989 called and asked for their software back? Get rid of the big hair and tight-rolled jeans and update your look with Cloud 9. You’ll see why the cloud is the future of practice management.

The most experienced and ultra-efficient cloud-based practice management solution in the industry.


Enhances our leading cloud-based management software to handle the unique needs of the pediatric dentist.