Customer Testimonials - CLOUD 9 SOFTWARE

We have the best clients in the industry and we have the quotes to prove it! You will find quotes from offices below that they have sent in about Cloud9Ortho and we wanted to share them with you! Please contact us to learn how you can also be on Cloud9 and be part of our website!

The biggest asset to having Cloud 9 is being able to use the full software, all of its features, from anywhere on the planet that you have an internet connection the [Chief] Operations Officer, I'm in charge of things like time cards and payroll, and I have been in Italy and had to run payroll. As long as I have an internet connection, I can get in there and view the timecards, get everyone checked out, and get that payroll submitted. I've done it from the Bahamas, the Outer Banks, you name it!

Allison Parks-Hale

Parks Orthodontics

The entire Cloud 9 team is more knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy than any other software system provider that I have ever worked with.

Dr. Ron Maddox

I was a little hesitant about the switch since I have been an Orthotrac guy from day 1 and loved it (used it in my residency and in practice).  The switch was so intuitive that training was almost not even needed.  Love Cloud 9 now and with multiple offices... works so much better than any Remote Desktop connection... I’m a fan!

Dr. Ron Wilson

Switching from Dolphin to Cloud 9 was the best decision EVER!!! We were very scared of the change, but I cannot imagine not being a part of the Cloud 9 Family. They are always working hard to improve our software and to keep up with technology that is constantly changing. Customer service is exceptional!!! Love the support team!!!

Vicki Grill

Glass Orthodontics

I live in Kansas City and our office has been closed for 2 days now, because of the snow storms. It’s been great having Cloud 9 and being able to work from home!


Christensen Orthodontics

Once again another snow storm! Thank goodness we have Cloud 9 Software. Schools are closed, and my staff were able to reschedule all of our patients from their home!

Dr. Meryl Baurmash

I'm definitely liking what I'm seeing. I just wish I would have switched sooner! We have called support a few times and they have been awesome.  Thank you for making such a great product!

Dr. Jose Chow

We feel like we are part of the family with Cloud 9 — this is the nicest company I have ever dealt with.  We love the program, the support, and our whole experience with customer service has been great!


Dr. Doug Hiser

I could not let more time go by without letting you know what a great employee and representative of your company Chad is.  He is always so helpful, so kind, he is such a great listener, he has loads of patience and I could go on and on.  Everyone in our office agrees he is a great asset to Cloud 9. Please know I would not have written you this note if I did not mean every single word of this.  He is very deserving of a pat on the back.”


Dr. Doug Depew

I was just having a conversation with Dr. Harvey about how amazing Cloud 9 customer support is - especially in light of some of the less than stellar customer support I receive from other technology services that we utilize. So, I wanted to take just a moment to tell you all how much we appreciate your AMAZING customer support. I wish all the various services we used had the same level of service.


Dr. Keith Harvey

This software is SO EASY and effective! We have been a Cloud 9 user for two years and could not be happier. The tech support teams are so friendly, helpful and patient. I would HIGHLY recommend this to any orthodontic office that is looking for a new software program!


Dr. Jeff Genecov

Of all the decisions I have had to make in opening a new practice, this is the one I am most pleased with! No regrets whatsoever!

Dr. Lauren Kovaleski

In my 21 years of orthodontics, hands-down, Cloud 9 and BroadRiver are the 2 best vendors we have ever partnered with in our practice.

Neely Jordan

Blue Wave Orthodontics