Orthodontic Software - Why Cloud 9?

Why Cloud 9?

More practices are choosing Cloud 9 than ever before. Our leadership position in the industry is not by chance. We’ve developed our practice management software to work the way orthodontic practices must work in the 21st century.

We have the Most Experience

With over eight years in the cloud, we stand alone as the first and the most experienced cloud-management system in the industry. You can trust our combination of hundreds of years of industry experience put into in a modernized solution that gets the job done. 

We have the Most Customers

We’ve successfully deployed our cloud solution at more than 1,500 locations. We’re connecting single, multiple and large group practices faster than any other solution available. We measure our success by securely connecting nearly 15,000 individual users from all across North America.

We have the Most Conversions

Expert conversions are critical to any software transition.
Plan. Prepare. Test. Deploy.
Our dedicated team of conversion specialists has managed conversions from virtually every system ever built. We’ll have you up and running in record time.

We have the Most Integrations

Everyone wants complementary solutions to work seamlessly with your practice management system. Our secure connections (APIs) to third-party vendors provide the behind-the-scenes seamless architecture that keeps you moving forward every day. Check out our partner’s page to see if we are connected to the solutions you rely on most.

We are the Most Trusted Cloud Solution

Trust is earned by managing over











While the numbers are staggering, our most important customer is you. Every customer receives personalized support and professional client service. That’s what it’s like being on Cloud 9.

I was a little hesitant about the switch since I have been an Orthotrac guy from day 1 and loved it (used it in my residency and in practice). The switch was so intuitive that training was almost not even needed. Love Cloud 9 now and with multiple offices… works so much better than any Remote Desktop connection… I’m a fan!

Dr. Ron Wilson (Gainesville, GA)