Club Nine

Are You in the Club?

Club Nine is an engagement platform for the Cloud 9 Community, featuring:

  • The Cloud 9 Software Knowledge Base,
  • Discussion forums to connect customers with each other and the Cloud 9 team,
  • Dozens of activities designed to solicit product feedback and increase customer success,
  • Physical and montary rewards,
  • And so much more!

A wealth of information at your fingertips

The Club Nine Knowledge Base

One of the most valuable Club Nine tools is the Knowledge Base. Community members can find the information they need by browsing articles and videos, or through simple keyword searches which cover not just the Knowledge Base but also posts in the discussion forums.

Connect with peers and the Cloud 9 team

The Club Nine Knowledge Base

From general questions and suggestions, to integrations and bug fixes, customers are able to have quality conversations with peers and the Cloud 9 team in well-organized conversation streams called Categories.

Members of the Cloud 9 Executive Leadership Team are active in the Club Nine discussion forums and can be tagged when you have questions for specific departments or people.

Earn rewards for providing product feedback

The Club Nine Rewards

Members of the Club earn points through participating in the discussion forum, providing product feedback, delivering new business referrals, and more. These points can then be exchanged for a variety of different rewards, ranging from gift cards to exclusive Club Nine products!

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