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Our Story

Cloud 9 Software has a humble origin story. In 2009, orthodontic software veterans Ann and Ken Swinney envisioned a future in which orthodontic practices could ditch their servers, locally installed software, and VPN lines, and run on a 100% cloud-based system. The first lines of code were developed on their living room couch and the inaugural customer launched the software in 2010. Blazing a trail for other orthodontic practice management systems, Cloud 9 became the first true cloud system on which to run an orthodontic practice. Now, with more than 10 years of experience behind us, Cloud 9 continues to blaze trails by providing the most capable and scalable cloud-based practice management solution to the orthodontic industry.

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Management Team

Mike Ressel

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Hamm

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Holmes

Chief Information Officer

Matt Bycroft

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Phyllis J. Fernandez

Sr. Director of Customer Success

Cory Burns

Director of Customer Onboarding

Robin Norfleet

Director of Sales

Rex Preblick

Director of Research & Development

Kevin Simmons

Director of Product Management

Eli Leggett

Senior Manager of Customer Support

Marci Barr

Training Manager

Tonya Gray

Product Manager

Julien Seals

Finance & HR Manager

Kim Silverthorn

Implementation Manager

Lisa Whitley

Conversion Manager

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